Icons of Style: @selvedge_suede_wool

This edition of Icons of Style is quite an interesting one. Today, the interviewee is @selvedge_suede_wool, the very first person who was not on my original list to interview for this series.  I came across his account after a conversation with another stylish dude on Instagram. As soon as I found his account, I knew pretty much instantly that I would have to interview him for this series. Jamie is a lucky man because he lives in England, meaning that he enjoys fairly cool, but not extremely cold weather. He takes full advantage of this by layering like a total boss. In fact, I would posit that he is the best at layering in the denim community.

The reason for this beyond his weather that I am infinitely jealous of is the fact that he is very skilled at combining color, texture, and patterns. He consistently blends indigo with earth tones, off white, and sometimes even throws in black effectively. Additionally, he throws in some pretty unique patterns from brands like Universal Works and brighter colors such as orange. Even when he uses a loud pattern, he makes it work by using much simpler pieces to combine with it, letting the pattern and color of the statement piece be the star of the show.

Jamie has a very interesting and unique style that I cannot find anywhere else in the denim world. He wears more sneakers than boots, has a cool collection of beanies and caps, often wears more classic cut or straight fit jeans and trousers, and has some very loud pieces in his collection. He is hard to pin down and this is why I marvel at his feed. On paper, everything I just listed doesn’t really make sense, but it works when you see him putting his fits together. He sort of combines elements of streetwear with a more classic heritage sense. In fact, his feed along with that of @illcutz and @migigp are the feeds that I most look forward to seeing posts from on a daily basis. Let’s find out why right now!

Almost Vintage Style: When and how did you get into raw denim, boots, and quality clothing?

Selvedge Suede Wool: I’ve been into good clothing for a long time and I’ve got no idea where that came from but I think what got me into denim was my wife buying me an original pair of Levi’s 501s with the Big E.  That was back in ~2004.  I was blown away by the real fades and history, plus loved the detail of the Big E on the famous red tab.  I think that was the catalyst for discovering Japanese denim, UK and American workwear, indigo.

AVS: When and how did style become important to you (was this tied in any way to heritage menswear)?

SSW: It’s been a gradual evolution but living in East London over the past decade+ has only encouraged my interest in style.  There is a lot of fashion and design around where I live and people dress jazzy, which I like.  I focus on heritage rather than fashion trends but I appreciate anyone who expresses some individuality in how they dress.

AVS: Who or what influences and inspires your style?

SSW: Where I live and people around me, the history of workwear and English tailoring, the fellas I hang out with @wornoutglobal and of course my various insta pals.

AVS: How would you describe your personal style?

SSW: I like layering fabrics, colours and patterns.  More is more.  And a hint of jazz.

“A hint of jazz”… I can see it.

AVS: How important is color and fabric/texture to your outfits?

SSW: Massively.  I’m obsessed by fabrics – I named my Instagram account after my three favourites: selvedge, suede and wool.  I also love leather, linen, canvas…bothers me when you look at a label and find even 1% polyester, it has to be 100% cotton, leather, wool etc.  Indigo is my colour and I like to mix with ecru, pastel reds, burnt orange, earth tones, dark green and a whole lot more but I mostly end up in indigo.  I’m a total sucker for uneven, slubby, neppy fabrics – wabi sabi all the way.

AVS: Do you have a favorite season for clothing and why?

SSW: Autumn, for the layers and tones.  Winter is great but can get a bit heavy.

AVS: What is your favorite/signature piece of clothing?

SSW: Probably pleated Type 1 or 2 jackets.  I have far too many, in denim, canvas, leather, various colours.  My favourites are my Oni Denim duck canvas Type 2 and vintage black leather Type 2.

AVS: Do you have a favorite category of clothing (boots, chinos, t shirts, etc) and why?

SSW: Jackets.  Comes back to layering – over a T, waistcoat/vest, shirt, another jacket, under a coat.  The possibilities are endless.

AVS: What is your favorite clothing brand and why?

SSW: Universal Works – I really dig the heritage styles, loose fits and good fabrics.

Pure Blue Japan – masters of slub denim.  Amazing textures.

Kapital – I love what they do with indigo and their interesting take on the classics.

Novesta – simple but brilliant kicks made in Slovakia.

Levi’s – had to name one of the classics as I love the history, the Big E and old school Americana.

AVS: Are there any items that you are looking to purchase soon or are on your wish list?

SSW: I’m generally opportunistic and also have far too many items in my wardrobe already so shouldn’t really buy anything….but I wouldn’t mind adding a nice wool Mackinaw for when Autumn comes around.  Thinking one of the great Made in USA brands like Pendleton or Filson.

AVS: Describe your favorite outfit that you have worn or plan on wearing.

SSW: My favourite outfit would definitely involve Selvedge Suede and Wool.  Probably a suede sneaker, selvedge denim jean and wool coat, layered over a pleated denim jacket.  Might throw on a vest for an extra layer.  Jazzy pattern or fabric somewhere along the way for the win.

This is some next level layering

AVS: Are there any other people in or out of the denim/heritage menswear community that you think have great style?

SSW: Man this is a tough one.  This is my starting 11 and apologies to those who I have missed out:

@illcutz – great heritage style and always a bit different.  Bloody nice bloke as well.

@rugged_style – awesome selection of military and rugged styles.  Knows his stuff.

@migigp – like a majestic stag strutting across the highlands.  Clad in denim.

@kenschucks – the most amazing collection of Chucks ever.

@kan745 – all about the fades.  Truly incredible.

@acutestyle – totally nailed Ivy Style.  Remarkable ability to combine madras checks.

@almostvintagestyle – did I mention this guy?  Best leather and denim ensembles on IG.

@swissjeansfreak – king of denim, museum creator and fade maniac.

@martindenim – great collection of denim and a good sense of humour.

@boot_addict – cracking collection of boots, leatherwear and denim.

@duewelsblog – brings a slightly smarter denim look with waistcoats and English shoes.

 Thanks for the insights, Jamie! I was surprised to learn how early he got into quality clothing. His devotion to quality fabrics is something that I share as well. We share the belief that even 1% of polyester fabric being in a garment ruins it entirely. It was also nice to have confirmed that he really does put a lot of thought into fabrics and texture. If you are not following him already, you really should fix that immediately by following him HERE. By the way, I did not force him to shout me out above and I do appreciate being considered stylish by people who’s style I personally admire.

Jamie does wear double indigo denim, but I love his style anyway!

Fun fact: Every person but one who has been featured in this series is either originally from or lives in Great Britain. The only one who isn’t is @newenglandmenswear and even he is from NEW England. There must be something about Britain and style…

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