Pigeon Tree Crafting Belt Review

In my Wild Frontier Goods belt review, I made mention of how important it is for leather goods makers to set themselves apart from the crowd. I believe that Wild Frontier Goods is doing that quite well, but there is no question that Pigeon Tree Crafting has already done this quite successfully. In fact, this Los Angeles-based brand is probably one of the most well-known and most recognizable one man leather brands in the raw denim world along with Hollows Leather.

DSCF1224This is not your average belt color

Aside from the stellar craftsmanship, there are several ways in which Isaac Paul has set his products apart from the rest of the pack including his trademark quick release belt buckles, products died by the man himself with natural indigo, and belts made from several unique and truly gorgeous colors of English bridle leather from the Sedgwick tannery. Aside from standard colors such as natural and black, Pigeon Tree offers indigo-dyed belts as well as English bridle belts in a beautiful golden tan, oxblood, and the one that I have here, green.

DSCF1218The leather appears to change color in different lighting. I approve!

DSCF1221The finishing on this belt is very clean

This 10oz leather is quite stiff and feels extremely sturdy. The dark, rich, green color is quite a stunner, especially when paired with the elegantly simple single prong buckle made in Japan from pure brass. Technically, the buckle is my least favorite out of the belts that I use right now. That does not mean that I do not like it, however. I am extremely picky with my belts and especially with belt buckles. More than 85% of belts on the market are not even options in my mind due to the buckles they use. I would not have purchased this belt if I did not love the buckle. However, the leather itself is my favorite. It is hefty, but not overly thick and the stiffness along with the depth of color cement the quality of this leather.

DSCF1217The brass buckle and dark green leather match perfectly

DSCF1226This leather is enticingly pretty

I purchased this belt to pair with my Wesco x Standard and Strange Knuckle Dragger boots and this color matches perfectly… meaning that it does not actually match perfectly. As much as I believe in matching your belt to your boots and leather shoes, I do not think the colors must be 100% the same. This belt is a perfect example as it is a very dark green that, like the dark olive waxed flesh of my engineers, sometimes can look almost dark brown or black in certain lighting. However, the green color is slightly brighter and richer in this belt compared to the boots which is something that I really like. The color is so beautiful that I have recently enjoyed wearing it with all of my sneakers too along with my beloved Wild Frontier Goods belt as I do not believe that sneakers have to be color matched with belts.

DSCF1365This belt adds a fantastic splash of color to an outfit

DSCF1361It also goes very well with this pair of boots

There really is not very much to say about the craftsmanship because it is quite excellent. The tear drop holes are perfectly punched and the edges are nicely burnished. There are no flaws to detect and the only interesting points to make mention of are the fact that the end of the belt is much flatter and less round than other belts and that the belt is stitched together rather than bolted together. Both of these traits are positives in my eyes. The flatter carve of the belt is unique and looks quite aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, I greatly dislike belts that are bolted together due to the fact that stitching shows much higher craftsmanship and I am happy to report that this belt is stitched quite nicely.

DSCF1222The end of the belt is more shallow than I am used to and I love it

DSCF1219Stitching > bolts

As I have mentioned before, I am not a belt expert, but I can say that I am quite happy with this one from Pigeon Tree Crafting. My next belt from Isaac will almost undoubtedly feature the standout quick release buckle, but there will almost certainly be another in my collection due to the quality craftsmanship, fantastic features, and most importantly, a stunningly beautiful and high quality leather that I think is my favorite belt leather that I have.*


As of yet, I have not reviewed my Hollows Leather belts, but I certainly plan on changing that in the future. Overall, I am extremely happy with all of the belts in my collections and each belt has at least one feature that is my favorite and one that is my least favorite among my belts. I have ended up being extremely picky with my belts and the fact that I consider this Pigeon Tree Crafting belt to be the equal of my other belts means that I certainly recommend the brand to anyone interested.

Check out Isaac’s products at https://www.pigeontreecrafting.com or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/pigeontreecrafting



*The kakishibu-painted leather on my Wild Frontier Goods belt is still my favorite and most unique looking belt material. However, I personally think that the leather itself used on this belt is superior than the leather used on the WFG belt, even though I also like it a lot.

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