Pigeon Tree Crafting Belt Review

In my Wild Frontier Goods belt review, I made mention of how important it is for leather goods makers to set themselves apart from the crowd. I believe that Wild Frontier Goods is doing that quite well, but there is no question that Pigeon Tree Crafting has already done this quite successfully. In fact, this… Continue reading Pigeon Tree Crafting Belt Review

What Happened to Viberg?

*Keep in mind that this article was originally written several years ago and the information is now outdated in some ways. Specifically, Truman does not seem to be nearly as big of a deal as they used to be and probably aren't doing much to take away sales from Viberg at this point. Some updates… Continue reading What Happened to Viberg?

Japan Trip Part 3: Conners Sewing Factory and Castles

Welcome to the third and final part of my epic trip through Japan. Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that the first two thirds of this series took place over less than half of the duration of the trip. This is largely because I was not travelling alone. My brother was extremely accommodating and fortunately enjoyed… Continue reading Japan Trip Part 3: Conners Sewing Factory and Castles

Japan Trip Part 2: Tokyo and The Flat Head Headquarters

The first day and a half in Tokyo were incredible and after the epic day filled with boots, I really thought that the trip was going to be all downhill from there. Fortunately, I was wrong. In this second part of three, we hit up several denim-oriented stores around Tokyo and then head out to… Continue reading Japan Trip Part 2: Tokyo and The Flat Head Headquarters

Japan Trip Part 1: Tokyo and Boots!

This past summer I had the opportunity to visit Japan for the very first time with my brother and there was no way that I was going to pass it up. Fortunately, my brother is generally very easy going and allowed me to plan much of the trip. This allowed for it to be a… Continue reading Japan Trip Part 1: Tokyo and Boots!

Wild Frontier Goods Natural Veg Tan and Kakishibu Belt Review

As promised in my 2017 year in review article, we’re kicking things off right in 2018 with a review of this belt from Wild Frontier Goods. I actually discovered this brand after following Mike, the man behind the goods on Instagram several months ago. Through his original feed, I saw that he was starting up… Continue reading Wild Frontier Goods Natural Veg Tan and Kakishibu Belt Review